Testimonials from Former Students

“[Frog pond yoga possesses] such a phenomenal knowledge of Yoga, and they are able to pass this along effortlessly to their students. It is wonderful to learn from individuals whose lives are inextricably entwined with the teachings of Yoga. ” –Isabelle Dunnington

“The comments that come to mind for me are that FrogPond and you have provided a strong sense of community, an opportunity to learn and grow together and a connection to others in the mutual search for union of mind, body and spirit. Yours in Yoga with much love,” –Deb Newman

“Upon completion of yoga teacher training at Frog Pond Yoga Centre, you will bring the inspiration and encouragment imparted by Diane, along with knowledge gained during training, to confidently and competently instruct yoga classes.” – Teresa Palenchar, Northboro, MA

“Diane Featherstone is a wise and gentle teacher who offers her teachings from her heart. Her chakra talks weave common phrases we use in everyday language into the concepts of energy centers making the understanding of chakras imediately accessible. My classmates and I often commented that, although we enrolled to study yoga, that it would have been worth it to enroll for the delicious vegetarian
lunches alone!” -Karen Lee, RYT, MAT, Providence, RI

“Frog Pond Yoga Centre offers the best teacher certification program in the area because [Diane encourages] students to find their own teaching paths; [she provides an] in depth education in yoga philosophy and many yoga styles.” –Noel Schroeder, M.Ed, Frog Pond Yoga Centre certified yoga teacher, ACE certified group exercise instructor,ACE certified personal trainer