RYT 300 Teacher Training Program Description

Yoga Study Program With Teacher Certification:
Continuing Education after completion of the RYT 200 program

We will embark on this new journey as we develop our advanced continuing education program. This program will be of interest to those persons wishing to further their lifetime commitment of Yoga study and practice. The course material will provide ample opportunity for svadyaya pravacane ca! We teach as we are!

The 300HR-RYT program will be an additional 300 hours of study for persons who have completed any 200HR program. Classes will be conducted on Saturdays or Sundays twice monthly and, if we follow this format, the duration of the program will be two years. There could also be opportunities to have special two day weekend workshops from time to time which would shorten the overall course time. There will be plenty of make up times, as it’s hard to avoid missing a day and weather may cause cancellations.

The fee for the program is $60 per diem (8:30-3:30) or $40 per diem (8:30-12:30). To enroll in this program send a letter of intent indicating where you did your 200HR program and what further studies you may have completed along with a deposit of $108. The program is loosely structured, rotating through the full set of classes with no set enrollment or graduation date. Students accumulating sufficient hours will receive 300HR Certification through Frog Pond, and can apply for Registration with Yoga Alliance.

Prerequisites:  Three years of yoga training and contemplation.  A year of teaching would be useful.   Knowledge of some Sanskrit would help, though not required.

For further information please contact Diane at Frog Pond.


Also Included in 300 RYT program:

Classes on Yoga and Vedanta
with Dr Bijoy Misra, High-Tech Yoga Institute, Certified Teacher

An advanced yoga-training course in eighteen classes over 2 years.
Each session of two hours duration meets once a month
Tests (a course essay and oral) May/Jun of the 2nd year.

See Course Dates page for scheduling details

Please click here for the full list of required texts.

Class schedule:

First year: Fundamentals

  1. What’s Mind – Eastern and Western View
  2. What’s Cognition – Eastern and Western View
  3. What’s Life – Eastern and Western View
  4. Survey of the upanisadic literature
  5. Upanisadic  Literature – continued
  6. Q and A and discussion on the material covered (short essay test)
  7. Bhagavadgita – What it’s and why it’s an important text
  8. Yoga through the Gita
  9. Student reading of literature, practice oral presentation.

Second year:  Patanjali’s Yogasuutram

  1. Introduction, Book 1, Suutras   1 – 25
  2. Book 1, Suutras 26 – end Book 1, Q&A, discussion
  3. Book 2, Suutras   1 – 30
  4. Book 2, Suutras 31 – end Book 2, Q&A, discussion, Essay assignment
  5. Book 3, Suutras   1 – 30
  6. Book 3, Suutras 31 – end Book 3, Q&A, discussion, topic for oral presentation
  7. Book 4, Suutras   1-30
  8. Book 4, Suutras 31 – end Book 4, Q&A, discussion
  9. Course completion, discussion, oral presentations

Final essay due for graduation.

Books:  Any text on Bhagavadgita and Yogasuutram is OK.  You need Sanskrit text and Roman transliteration.  Other books and readings would be recommended in the first class.


Diane Featherstone, E-RYT500 Certified Yoga Instructor. Director of Frog Pond Yoga Centre; Director of Studies, 300HR Teacher Training Program

Anne Goewey, RYT500, E-RYT200 Certified Yoga Instructor. Director of Studies, 200HR Teacher Training Programs

Joshua Tenpenny, Certified Yoga Instructor. Director of Studies in Anatomy & Physiology, 200HR & 300HR Teacher Training Programs

Guest instructors will join the training to introduce the teachings of other Yoga traditions.