Frog Pond Yoga Centre is pleased to announce
a series of Sanskrit classes with Bijoy Misra
to be held at the Center beginning Sunday, March 16th 2014.


Six three-hour classes will be held monthly to help read, chant and learn grammar.
No previous Sanskrit experience is necessary.   Knowledge of Latin would be helpful.

Class fee is $324, payable with registration.

All classes are 1 PM to 4 PM on the following dates:

Session 1
March 16, 2014


Sanskrit sounds, Practice, Alphabet
Session  II 
April 27, 2014  
Nouns, Case, Declensions
Session  III
May 18, 2014 
Verbs, Tense, Conjugations
Session  IV  
June 15, 2014
Compounding, Simple reading, Mantra chanting
Session  V 
July 19, 2014
Prefixes, Word creation, Literature reading
Session  VI 
August 16, 2014
Grammar review, Reading, Chanting

Missing summer classes may follow on September 21(Sunday), October 19 (Sunday)

Bijoy Misra learned Sanskrit through yoga.  He has been teaching Patanjali Yoga to the advanced yoga students at Frog Pond Yoga Center since 2011.

Space is limited so please reserve your seat by contacting Diane Featherstone.